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Talkingpool Exchange Program
Talingpool pools potential exchange partners together and offers differentiated services based on clients' preference.
1) WeChat Rendezvous
2) Off-line Activities
3) Registered Member recommendation with preliminary background information such as nationality, educational background, professional background.
4) TimeBank Service, an indirect exchange only for people qualified as a tutor/teacher of his/her own native language. People join TimeBank Program enjoys high-quality exchange or tutorship to trade his teaching/tutoring hours to designated members.

Traditional exchange practice is a trading practice between two persons. Many times the exchange partners can be frustrated with the reality. Sometimes the partners don't know how to facilitate each other, sometimes one party speaks a minority dialect, sometimes available time don't match, sometimes the exchange can be interrupted and terminated by contingency of one party... Talkingpool offers our solution to exchange partners with differentiated options to meet different needs.