Discovering Together Program For Young ESL Learners

A course integrating langauge acquisition process with personal development training

No matter if we define life success in its process or certain result, no matter if we define happiness a success or vice versa, we all agree that personal development is a process determined by personal interaction with our environment. To a great degree, our language acquisition process is the key to our adaption to the world, and how the world bestow to the individuals his/her autonomy, without which no one would be successful or happy. From this perspective, you might agree with Tony Robbins who claims "The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives." Alternatively, modern social interactionist Herbert Blumer's "common symbol" and ancient philosopher Laozi's "naming gives birth to the things in the world " reflect the same belief that language is the media to shape ourselves and our world. Based on the belief "we're what say", DiscoveringTogether Program offers a lingusitic approach to personal development to yooung English learners to integrate their language acquisition process with their personal development.

Discovering Together  comprises of coaching in the following areas:

General perception tasks regarding early childhood motor skill development and attention training;

Continuous orientation toward basic qualities required by positive psychology;

Interpersonal must-knows;

Adaptive habits.

Amony the fields as above, some of the exemples can be:

  • Verbal Skill

  • Quantitative Skill

  • Analytical Skill

  • Responsibility

  • Passion of learning

  • Self-effecacy

  • Growth Mindset

  • Resiliency

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Effective Habits

Although the modules actually can be adapted to different ages while different ages do have different focuses:

Pre-school:Perception, Safty, Attention, Friendship, Listen and Speaking, Politeness, Cooperation, Sense of Danger,etc.

6/7-9/10:Hobby Identification,Self Management, Will Power, CAFTSO, RBV,etc.
9/10-12/13:Strength Development,Emotion Management,Relation Management,Self and Environment,Reading & Critical Thinking,Travel for Wider Horizon, etc.

10-16:Developing Effective Habits, Charisma Building