Unique Solution to Cope with Typical Difficulties in Learning Chinese

If the following of troubles have been discouraging you to learn Chinese, you are lucky to be here to find our unique remedy:

- Not sure about the tones

- Certain sound(s) not available from your native tongue

- Puzzled by the syntax or sentence structures

- Short memory

- No idea about how to write

The typical problems have been intimidating quite some people to learn Chinese. Even some people gives up their effort during to some of the above difficulties. Quite probably that's why someone fails to speak Chinese even after years staying in China. Fortunately, with Orientrue Methods, Talkingpool is now offering an effective and efficient way to help you to crack down such difficulties.

We are not working magic, but some of your problem might be gone within a very short period! You would image it until you test it with us! One example to bring you confidence - Professor William Oberg who stayed in Shanghai for years teaching in Telfort Colleage. He had enough chance to learn from his Chinese colleagues and what's more, his wife is a Chinese. He only expressed his difficulty in pronouncing the word for FISH. When he tried Orientrue method, he was able to pronounce it  clearly and correctly immediately at the second try. This happened in not more than 5 seconds!

Now it's your turn to build up your confidence in learning Chinese effectively and efficiently! The chance is one email away! Drop a line to and tell us what's your problem. Let's fix it!