Learning Genuine Chinese

Talkingpool language and exchange club is an affiliate to Orientrue Consulting which developed its unique language acquisition method in response to expats from MNFs and organizations. Our clients are from

  • Famous MNFs such as VW, Mecox Lane,etc.

  • Organizations such as New Zealand Consulate, Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce Shanghai,etc.

With years application and modification, we are now offering this effective practical method to cater for different age groups and professions.

Besides language courses, Talkingpool facilitates our club members to exchange, share, and grow through seminars, parties, outdoor activities...

Why Talkingpool?

1. Workshop with Scaffolding Support instead of Traditional Classroom

You will be using concepts and tools usually applied at workplace during your learning process. Your experience with Talkingpool will be similar to what happens at workplace. Simulation helps in dealing with language problems just as at work but facilitated with our special scaffolding method.

2. Management by Objectives

You will REACH SET TARGET instead of groping for directions.

3. Practicality

Our method ensures that native Chinese speakers will understand your speech, and that you will understand theirs from the very first day.

With years of Study, we understand the top 5 barriers to most of the Chinese learners: tones, pronunciation, syntax, memorization, and writing. With our unique methods, most people should be able to crack down the first three obstables within 15 hours to 60 hours. With Talkingpool, you are experiencing an exciting "magic" which reveal how easy the Oriental language actually is!

Course Information

Emphasizing practicality, we offer both standard and customized course to  individuals and groups with clear target to meet the purpose of study no matter you are a beginner or enjoy advanced level already.

With our standard course, you will be experiencing unique methods to take off in amazingly short time; and
- Road to Success (Chinese for General Purpose)

Similar to CEFR level classification, we break down your Chinese language skill efforts into 8 levels which can be approximately benchmarked by vocabulary level:

A1 - Starter

A1 - Mover (100 words +)

A2 - Flyer (600 words +)

A2 - Elemetary (1200 words +)

B1 - Lower Intermediate (2000 words +)

B2 - Higher Intermediate (3000 words +)

C1 - lower Proficient (4500 words +)

C2 - higher Proficient (6000 words +)

- Excel in Chinese (Business Chinese)

From spoken Chinese to business writing covering 50 common business topics with extra simulation workshops and seminars.

With our customized course, you will get the immediate solution to your concerns.

- Breakthrough Course: Easy Chinese

Short-term course covering 40 daily topics easily adapted to 4-week Crash Course or 120-hour practical course.

- Remedy Course:

Specially developed to cope with typic persistent problems in learning Chinese:

  1. 4 Tones

  2. Certain special sound(s)

  3. Syntax

  4. Memorization

  5. Writing

As an average, it takes 3 to 5 hours to crack down each of the first 2 problems, and 5-10 hours the 3rd.


Talkingpool has an on-going registration, and new classes begin frequently throughout the year. Classes are held 12 months a year. Our flexible schedules allow students to choose courses to fit their individual needs - either online or offline.